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  1. Robert says:

    Regarding 9/11 and Mitric\’s Forewarnings thereof
    At the end of the letter by M. Markovich dated April 5, 1986 he mentions that Slobodan Mitric has written 10 books and is working on an the elevent one. This book is entitled "Operation Twins", which I, as a publisher in Amsterdam, published in 2005. It contains many appendices on the dramatic life and work of Mitric, including mention of his forewarnings of 9/11 which were ignored by the US authorities. Parts of this book are available on my website:, where also the titelpage and the flaptext can be read of the pre-publication of part II that was published in the fall of last year (2006) with an appeal for support to complete the whole trilogy of Operation Twins. Hopefully, Mitric will present more letters on this weblog to document his valiant efforts to prevent 9/11 and to substantiate his claim that in effect it was largely due to his efforts that 9/11, which was originally planned for 31/12/1999, did not lead to a much greater disaster. It is to be hoped that our appeal for support gathers more response, for the objective of Operation Twins II and III, which were confiscated by the CIA in the eighties, is appartently (I do not know the contents in detail) to prevent mass terrorist attacks in the future. 
    17 februari 16:25

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