Sites are presented in alphbetical order and reflect no preference.

  • Afrobarometer: Comparative series of national public attitude surveys on democracy, markets, and civil society in Africa.
  • American Political Development: The American Political Development website is an undertaking of the Miller Center for Public Affairs’ American Political Development Program with the purpose to facilitate the study of American Political Development by bringing together a wide variety of resources for APD scholars in one easily accessible source.
  • Amnesty: Amnesty International Online.
  • Canada Government Information: Canada Government Information online, an index.
  • The Canada Site: Information about the Government of Canada.
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing cooperation between nations and promoting active international engagement by the United States.
  • CIDI: The Center for International Disaster Information provides information and guidance in support of appropriate international disaster relief.
  • CFR: The Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, national membership organization and a nonpartisan center for scholars dedicated to producing and disseminating ideas so that individual and corporate members, as well as policymakers, journalists, students, and interested citizens in the United States and other countries, can better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other governments.
  • Country Reports on Terrorism: This annual report is entitled Country Reports on Terrorism and was formerly Patterns of Global Terrorism.
  • CSE Links: Resource guide from the The Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies at Johns Hopkins University.
  • CSIS: Center for Strategic and International Studies, current and emerging global issues.
  • CSP: The Center for Systemic Peace, founded in 1997, is engaged in innovative research on the problem of political violence within the structural context of the dynamic global system.
  • Dick Thornburgh Papers: Dick Thornburgh served as Governor of Pennsylvania, Attorney General of the United States under two presidents and the highest-ranking American at the United Nations during a public career which spanned over twenty-five years.
  • Elections Guide: International Elections Guide.
  • Electionworld: Elections around the world.
  • Eurasia Research Center: The Eurasia Research Center Web Site features in depth research reports, news analysis, and links to newspaper articles and wire service reports with breaking news on the Balkans, Baltic States, Central Europe, the Caucasus, formerly Soviet Central Asia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
  • Europa Public Opinion Analysis: This is the website for the Public Opinion Analysis sector of the European Commission.
  • Eutoparl: The European parliament Online.
  • European Union: European Union Internet Resources from Berkeley.
  • Eurunion: The European Union: A Guide for Americans.
  • Famous Trials: Maintained at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School by Professor Doug Linder.
  • FCOForeign Consular Offices in the United States
  • FIRST: Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (FIRST) is a free-of-charge service for politicians, journalists, researchers and the interested public. FIRST is a joint project of the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).
  • FOM: Public Opinion Foundation: English version of the Russian Public Opinion Foundation.
  • Foreigh Affairs Online: International relations resources directory with 11 general sections and additional subdivisions.
  • Foreign Consular Offices: This publication contains a complete and official listing of the foreign consular offices in the United States, and recognized consular officers.
  • Foreign Government Legal Documents: Foreign Government Resources on the Web.
  • FPA: The Foreign Policy Association.
  • FRUS: Foreign Relations of the United States, archives of the State Department.
  • FRUS 1900-1918: Foreign Relations of the United States, archives of the State Department.
  • GLIN: The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) is a database of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations.
  • GLOBAL POLICY FORUM: Global Policy Forum monitors global policy making at the United Nations.
  • Government Gazettes Online: This website attempts to list all online government gazettes and their characteristics to aid researchers.
  • Governments on the WWW: Governments on the Web, searchable in English or Dutch.
  • HCPP: House of Commons Parliamentary Papers.
  • Herron’s Guide to Politics : Erik Herron’s Guide to Politics in East Central Europe and Eurasia designed to facilitate research on the politics and economics of transition states in the post-communist world.
  • Hiero-Gamos: Legal information portal with an emphasis on foreign and international law.
  • Hot Topics: Government information on hot topics from the university of Louisville.
  • HRCR: Human and Constitutional Rights from Columbia University.
  • Human Rights: Human Rights Library withover 10,000 documents from the University of Minnesota.
  • International Affairs Resources: This section of the WWW Virtual Library system is an Internet directory of over 2600 annotated links to high-quality sources of information and analysis in a wide range of international affairs, international studies, and international relations topics.
  • ICG: The International Crisis Group’s Crisisweb.
  • IIP: International Information Programs, from the the Department of State.
  • International Affairs Resources: 2600 annotated links in a wide range of international affairs, international studies, and international relations topics.
  • International Organizations: International Organizations, a research aidom Berkeley.
  • Internet Legal Research Group: A categorized index of more than 4000 select web sites in 238 nations, islands, and territories, as well as thousands of locally stored web pages, legal forms, and downloadable files, this site was established in 1995 to serve as a comprehensive resource of the information available on the Internet concerning law and the legal profession, with an emphasis on the United States of America.
  • ISDR: International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.
  • ISIS: Institute for Science and International Security.
  • Jihad and Terrorism: Site provides to numerours articles and resources related to terrorism.
  • Jihad, War, Terrorism, and Peace in Islam: From Professor Alan Godlas’ of the University of Georgia guide Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion.
  • LII: The LII a legal information portal is known internationally as a leading “law-not-com” provider of public legal information.
  • MIPT: The National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism located in Oklahoma City is dedicated to preventing terrorism or mitigating its effects.
  • NIC: The National Intelligence Council (NIC) is the Intelligence Community’s (IC’s) center for midterm and long-term strategic thinking.
  • MEMRI: The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) explores the Middle East through the region’s media.
  • Nsarchiv: The National Security Archive.
  • Official-Documents: Official-Documents of the British government.
  • PDA: Political Database of the Americas.
  • The Open Society Justice Initiative: An operational program of the Open Society Institute (OSI), that pursues law reform activities grounded in the protection of human rights, and contributes to the development of legal capacity for open societies worldwide.
  • PIPA: Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) studies American opinions and perceptions toward international issues.
  • Poly-Cy: A political science meata-site.
  • Poliscinew: Political Science Resources on the Web from the University of Michigan documents center.
  • Political Science Quarterly: Online Journal.
  • Political Science Resources: Richard Kimber’s gateway to Political Science Resources.
  • Political Science Internet Resources: An index from WCSU.
  • Question Bank: Social Surveys Online: This British site provides links and other resources, including sample questionnaires and surveys.
  • RAND Voices of Jihad Database: This online database is a compilation of speeches, interviews, statements, and publications of jihadist leaders, foot soldiers, and sympathizers.
  • SITE Institute: Search for International Terrorist Entities.
  • Terrorism: CDI’s Terrorism Program.
  • Terrorism and Homeland: Depository Library Web Sites on Terrorism and Homeland Security.
  • Transparency International: Transparency International, the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption, brings people together in a powerful worldwide coalition to end the devastating impact of corruption on men, women and children around the world.
  • Ultimate Political Science Links: A political science portal edited and maintained by P.S. Ruckman, Jr. of Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL.
  • UN Documentation: A research guide to UN documentation by the Dag Hammarskjöld Library.
  • UN News Center: News and information from the united Nations news center.
  • UN Scholars’ Workstation: The United Nations Scholars’ Workstation, developed by the Yale University Library and the Social Science Statistical Laboratory, is a collection of texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and pointers to print and electronic information.
  • U.S. Department of State: The State Department is the lead federal agency responsible for U.S. foreign affairs.
  • USIP: The United States Institute of Peace is an independent, nonpartisan federal institution created by Congress to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflicts.
  • World Rulers: Heads of State and Chiefs of Government of the countries of the world.
  • WorldStatesman.org: World Statesmen.org is an encyclopedia of nations, dependencies, international organizations and religious groups.
  • World Values Survey: Data from the World Values Surveys conducted, in 1981, 1990, 1995, and 1999-2001.
  • ZPC: Zárate’s Political Collections of Dates and figures of the worldwide leadership since 1945.
  • UN Multimedia: Gateway to the UN’s audiovisual resources.
Links last verified and updated 3/22/2007.

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