Sincerly, this is a message all Americans must understand……





Sincerly, this is a message all Americans must understand……

vrijdag 25 juli 2008 5:10:22
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Iran’s Nuclear Enrichment Must be Controlled.  The Asymmetrical Nuclear Threat is Simply too Great.
An open letter to my fellow Americans:
Dear Fellow Americans: 
I am writing to you out of a sense of responsibility on an issue of critical importance to all of us.
This is a subject that has not been discussed openly for 50 years.  Politicians on both sides are afraid of the issue and I fear that the few in our country that understand the threat are bound and gagged by the forces of our society today.  We are divided politically and I believe largely out of ignorance.  I ask that you take two minutes from your busy day to read this message and to consider my comments.
Americans have spent much of the past fifty years, appropriately some might suggest, forgetting how big and horrific atomic/thermonuclear weapons can be.  The U.S. and Soviets detonated over 2000 distinct (all were experimental and developmental prototypes) warheads during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Very few of them failed to detonate.  That was more than half a century ago.  Materials advances since then make building such weapons today a far easier task.  Why?  Because triggering a thermonuclear warhead is all about "containment" – its all about containing the blast from an atomic trigger and exposing it to a larger fissile (or even non fissile heavy metals as we shall discuss) secondary in order to expose these heavy metals to the fusion process.  Don’t let the mainstream press and the "liberal elite" convince you that "Sand Colored People" are not smart enough to develop these weapons. And let’s not lose too much sleep over spending billions on a new missile shield.  You and I both know that when the big bombs come they will come not on missiles from Russia or China, but by way of Machmud Ahmadinejad and Osama Bin Laden or other terrorist elements that will drive large lumbering thermonuclear truck bombs through our porous borders and into our largest cities.  If I can speak frankly, when this happens, you will not escape and neither will your children.  These trucks will carry large, dirty thermonuclear weapons.  They will destroy states not cities.  A dozen or so of these bombs would leave virtually nothing of the United States of America.  If the Soviets could build these weapons (their largest design was five times larger than the primary blast at Mt. St. Helens and they built it in 100 days out of spare parts over fifty years ago), how can you doubt the ability of anti West forces or cooperatives to build them today, or if not today, as soon as they are humanly able?  Maybe it takes twenty years, but it is steps we fail to take today that could ensure their success in decades to come.
Let me freshen your memory or knowledge set on a few quantitative matters.  Numbers sometimes lie, but they can also shed a lot of light on these fuzzy qualitative issues we deal with today.  Lets start with the bomb we dropped on Hiroshima.  Its name was "Little Boy".  It used 13 lbs of fissile material – an amount, at best about the size of a baseball.  "Little Boy"  had deplorable thermal efficiency – only 1.4% of the fissile material was actually "consumed" through fission upon detonation.  The amount of fissile material actually consumed by "Little Boy" would not have filled this pair of dice:
nuklear 1
Those are simple facts that can be easily checked.  None of us like to be reminded of this painful event, but this is what less than 3 Ounces of "deployed" fissile material did to Hiroshima:
You can call it a 9000 pound bomb, but it still contained only 3 Oz of deployable fissile material.  If the bomb had been housed in Kevlar and Titanium, I am sure it would have weighed much less.  Some say it killed as many as 200,000 people.  I’m a numbers guy and I can’t even describe to you how little fissile material "per capita" that is.  It’s 1/67,000’s of ounce. If that were gold it would be worth barely a penny, even at today’s prices.  I think you and I are worth more than that.  I don’t want to be taken out that way.
Think about "Little Boy".  Its important.  Its called history  and it tells us much about the threat that lies before us.  Speaking of "lies", what has the "mainstream press" had to say of late about the Asymmetrical Nuclear Threat?  Not much. Isn’t that really the central issue of tensions in the Middle East today?  Do you really think we spent all that money in Iraq on oil that we don’t buy from them to begin with?
Lets get back to the numbers.  In 1953 the U.S. detonated "Castle Bravo".  America’s largest bomb ever, it was 1000 times more powerful than "Little Boy".  It took a picnic baskets worth of fissile material.  Little more than a cubic foot.  15 cubic inches, (aka 15 inches cubed) to be exact.  Castle Bravo was detonated over the Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific, not surprisingly where most of us couldn’t see it.  Its footprint was the equivalent of Mt. St. Helens:
nuklear 2
 Look, I remembered that much from my high school days and perhaps from even earlier in the days of the "under the desk" drills.  But I was astonished in pursuing the issue to find that the Russians had countered our effort with a bomb built in less than 100 days and designed to be 8000 times more powerful than "Little Boy" the Hiroshima bomb.  "Big Ivan",  was designed to deliver 100 megatons and if it were able to detonate to scale (and of course large bombs lose much efficiency) it would by itself be capable of killing 1.6 billion people. Remember those "big wars" people talk about avoiding?
What happened with Ivan?  Russian scientists who built the bomb were able to get Khrushchev to dumb the bomb down to 57 megatons.  They gutted the secondary and replaced it with lead.  The Russian scientists were afraid the earth might not hold if the bomb was detonated actually detonated at full scale.  (Yes, they were afraid the earths core might be compromised and the earth might explode – the earth is 90% molten lava (but of course "global warming" is our fault – but that’s a whole nother’ story!  Chapter 24, to be exact).
So here is my point.  If the Islamists obtain fissile material, we are not going to lose a city.  We are going to be gone.  Period.  Three cubic meters is what it would take to wipe out America.  A mere three cubic meters, using 50% thermal efficiency – similar to our bombs of the 50’s and 60’s – would contain ( I will not bore you with the arithmetic) more than 1,000,000 times more fissile material than "Little Boy" consumed.  In theory, enough to kill 200 billion Americans.  Unfortunately, even with sanctuary cities (Welcome Little Brown Brother! – see chapter 27) and porous borders, we only have barely 300 million ‘citizens’ in the U.S.  But you get the picture.
What’s worse, is that the Islamists et. al. don’t even need to use 3 cubic meters of purely weapons grade fissile material.  They simply need a dozen or so atomic triggers and bombs which embed atomic "primaries" in larger quantities of natural uranium or spent nuclear fuel.  That’s right.  When the atomic trigger is detonated, as long as the weapon contains the blast for a nanosecond or two – the previously harmless natural uranium or spent fuel will morph to weapons grade upon detonation!~  Yea……free weapons grade fissile material!.  The 550 metric tons we just shipped from Iraq and into Canada was far more refined than the $8 per pound natural uranium that housed "Castle Bravo" that morphed to weapons grade and made our biggest bomb ever somewhere between three and ten times larger than our smartest scientists could understand.  You understand what 3 Oz. is to 550 metric tons, right?  Even if further refinement is required? That 550 metric tons is nearly 6,000,000 times the amount used at Hiroshima?  Get the math?  Hello?  Even if it required further processing to the tune of 100 fold, that leaves 60,000 times what was consumed with "Little Boy".  Are you ready to relax?  How bout a Sunday drive about now?  Still want to spit on some of our troops?  Are you still confused on why we are in Iraq?  Sorry, I get excited.
You see, this was all a big mistake.  We did not mean to build bombs so big.  Einstein tried to warn us, but at the end of the day that probably just made things worse. We built "Castle Bravo" and  the Russians had to show us they could keep up.  Problem is, we’ve spent 50 years trying to get back to being afraid of "Green Micro Nukes" – the little ones the US and Russians deploy in practice today.  Those are the bombs that emanated from SALT I and SALT II.  Unfortunately the data set for big old fashioned planet buster thermonuclear weapons is still out there.  I am quite certain this info is not lost on Osama Bin Laden and his henchmen Ayman Al Zawahiri  (this frankly is the guy that scares me).
nuklear 3
Big simple and dirty.  Everyone knows that is what they want to do as their next "big thing" after 911. 
Lets talk a little more about fissile material.  Lets try to get rid of the "black box". If a dumb accountant like me can understand this stuff, lets not pretend our enemies don’t, ok??  Here is the deal. I also happen to have a fair bit of knowledge about refining metals and the mining industry.   Let me make this as simple as I can.  Uranium in most open pits it runs about 1% pure. That’s actually very rich as most minerals go.  Similar to copper.  A good copper resource runs about 1% pure.   In other words, in order to process typical uranium ore, you need to purify it 99% – it has to be 100 times more pure than the natural ore within which it is found in order to yield "natural uranium" and to be sold as such in the markets.  Natural uranium is not fissile.  Natural uranium is mostly Uranium 238 and sold for less than $10 a pound over the last several decades.  Like most commodities its price has risen and is now roughly $65 per pound – almost 250 times cheaper than gold.   But that’s "natural uranium".  In order to be weapons grade, the material needs to be refined once again by a factor of 100.  Natural Uranium is about 1% Uranium 235 and 99% Uranium 238.  Weapons grade processing pulls the Uranium 235 out of the natural uranium.  A challenge indeed, but the Islamists have had decades to accumulate it.  Have they been buyers?  Hoarders?  I don’t know.  I assume so. Judging from that huge open pit uranium mine below, I’d be forced to assume yes.  We know that despite the mantra of "No WMD" Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Libya, Iraq again and Lord knows who else is keenly interested in weapons of mass destruction, or at least in refining uranium so they can build nuclear power plants in the middle of the desert.  Obviously they are very concerned with the next Ice Age.  Very concerned.  Virtually everyone understand how broad the risks of nuclear proliferation are, except perhaps the Libeal Elite at the New York Times and the rest of the mainstream press. One only needs the discipline to pause for a very few moments to face that fact.  But I fear that very few understand how lethal even small amounts of enriched uranium can be.  I might suggest the risks are roughly 1000 times what most Americans understand.  Our risk is not of losing a city.  Our risk is of losing each other and of losing America.
Ok, so lets hike back to the Uranium Mine.  Lets start with this Middle Eastern Open Pit Uranium Mine:
nuklear 4
See all that bright yellow stuff?  That’s uranium ore.  So we have to process that basically twice.  Once by a factor of 100 to yield largely Uranium 238 and then again by a factor of 100 through centrifuges or other methods to separate the more volatile Uranium 235 atoms.  Once you have "mostly" uranium 235 you have "weapons grade fissile material".  Perfection not required.  Crank it up in a centrifuge for a while and after a few days the "fast end" of the centrifuge will have more Uranium 235 than when you started.  Just keep it p.  Be patient.
They say processing weapons grade fissile material is a complex process.  On the one hand, I’m convinced.  But can we keep even small amounts of fissile material out of the hands of terrorists?  Would we start that process by not letting Iran become a producer?  On the other hand, I’m not so convinced.  The ore you see above is already 20,000 times richer than the ore you might see in an open pit gold mine.  Gold is mined down to one half gram per ton in open pit gold mines.  Uranium runs about 20 pounds per ton in open pit uranium mines.  There are 31 grams to an ounce, so the uranium you see above is already 20,000 times richer than a comparable gold mine.  I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, separating heavy metals is separating heavy metals.  Its been done by man for millennia.  235 from 238 a bit more complicated than some processes?  I suppose, since the materials are dangerous and radioactive, but apart from that I’m not convinced. White men have done it for decades.  I fear we are letting our ethnocentrism blind our measure of the risks.  We cannot let bigotry dull our senses.  If we can do it, they can do it.  North Korea did it.  I know, I know.  Just as with the case of Iraq, we gave them many of the materials and tools.  Does that suggest we need to remain gullible and trusting of dictators and fascists?  I am convinced that processing uranium it is not as difficult as we are sometimes lead to believe.  Furthermore, while garnering some weapons grade material is critical; I’ve already demonstrated that the bulk of the thermal load can be carried by morphing natural uranium under fusion.  Fusion is absolutely not that complicated.  Its all about heat.  Heat is easy.  So whether our enemies produce small quantities of fissile material themselves or smuggle them from Russia, it should be clear that we need to do everything we can to control nuclear proliferation.  I personally believe that whether held or processed in America or elsewhere, every ounce of uranium produced anywhere in the world should be subject to complete transparency and publicly inventoried each month.
Well, friends.  I think you are getting the picture.  It would require dearly little fissile material to make American "yesterday".  Hitler was a madman.  Ahmadinejad is a madman.  Saddam’s "Baathe" party and the Islamists are, as many of you may know, direct descendents of the Nazi party.  They were established in the 1930’s as an extension of the same.  They share their hatred for the last 16 million Jews on this planet.  They want to destroy each living Jew and they want to destroy the "Great Satan" – your America.  They want to destroy your children.
I am gravely concerned that if we do not adequately understand the threat we will not stop them.  Stopping them will take vigilance.
I urge you to forward this message to all those you love and wish to protect.  This message will go at best to 2000 recipients and I need your help in getting the message properly distributed.  Most mainline publishers and distributors are afraid of the facts.  I think you might not be surprised at that.  You remember the concept of "Six degrees of separation".  If we all share this message a good number of Americans will have a chance to view the facts and judge for themselves.  That is all I can ask. 
Further information on this subject is included at my website.
I would also urge you to consider ordering my new book.  Trojan Whores ~The Road to Armageddon ~a Prophetic Retrospective by Jahred Kammen, the Last Liberal. Buying the book will help fund my effort of making this information common knowledge to all Americans.  I know the title is a bit edgy, but its really a joyous, humorous and uplifting read.  The TW reference is aimed at the Code Pink types within our society who I feel put us at risk.  I know they are well intended and God Bless each of them.  If we were all as good as they’d like us be (or at least as "loving") we would not have to concern ourselves with such issues.  Also please understand the term "Islamist" is a term reserved for those who consider each of your children "Infidels" and want to see them dead.  Reminds me of one of the subtitles in my book.  "Have you hugged an Infidel today?"  Indeed, I hope you have had such an opportunity.  In my book I pay tribute to Mohammed Ali and a number of great Muslims and I mean no offense but instead pray for a religion that has lost its way and stands victimized, not unlike ourselves, to the acts of evil men.  As I indicate in the book, my parents attempted to raise me Catholic.  These days I’m just a run of the mill Christian. The pseudonym of the author Jahred Kammen derives from an acronym which is an assemblage of family names.  I probably coulda stuck with J.D. Russell and saved some confusion, but I don’t think great works of literature should always be obvious do you?  We already get too much of that today.  At any rate, these are important times and I have an important message.  I assure you its about much more than good old Armageddon and you’ll enjoy the journey tremendously.  I guarantee that you will come away a better person.  With that I leave you to your duties.  You now know where to find me.  You know the way.
Best Wishes,
P.S. Thanks in advance for your help with this effort.  Please read my book.  Only then will you understand what is truly at risk and how fragile our environment is.  I also take the liberty of providing the following link to our recent press release:

nuklear 5

J. D. Russell, President
Freedom Press International



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