Racism against Serbian-Americans BY DR. MICHAEL PRAVICA




Racism against Serbian-Americans

 Dr. Michael Pravica
dinsdag 19 augustus 2008 19:17:22
Beantwoorden aan:

Dear all,

I include two items of information here to illustrate "Speak the truth, shame the Devil" and racism against Serbian-Americans. The first is a post I saw this morning in the Boston Herald in response to my letter published there today. This guy claims to have been a US "peacekeeper" in Kosovo. My response follows and is self-explanatory. The third item is an e-mail message from an Albanian somewhere on the East Coast. Both postings demonstrate why I labor as an activist to expose the truth of our involvement in the Balkans and to expose racism. I encourage those of you who are similarly outraged to respond to the posting in the Herald by posting their own response. It's really easy. The Herald has been one of the few newspapers in this country that has give me a voice on these issues. To keep this up, this kind of defamation must be responded to. We need to be proactive in fighting racism. We need an anti-defamation league because we are
the new Jews. This is why Serbs are suffering so much - they never really went after the war criminals who slaughtered them from WWII. Please consider responding.


This is the posting from "Nick McNulty." He also has a blog:
Here is the page where this comment appeared:

Pravica is a Serbian immigrant, having spent a year in that country babysitting as a NATO peacekeeper, I tend to notice his letters when they are printed. Unfortunately, like most modern immigrants, Pravica considers himself more Serb than American, and writes about 4 letters a year in to the Herald supporting Serbia, and berating America for stepping in when Slobodan Milosevic was ethnically cleansing Yugoslavia to create a Greater Serbia. I welcome Mr. Pravica to go on home to Serbia, try his ultr-nationalist Milosevic mindset there instead of littering our papers with accusations. What happened with Kosovo was YOUR fault, not ours, you think we want to go to that trash-strewn armpit of the world? Your presence here instead of there agrees with that assessment. But you guys followed the mini-Hitler Milosevic, you allowed ethnic cleansing, and you drew us into your mess, just like you did with World War I. Thansk for that, Serbia, maybe we should just
give the entire country to the Albanians instead, they seem ready to modernize and make peace with the world. Then again, Serbia handing over Radovic to get into the EU last month shows me Serbians are ready to leave your version of the past behind, and move into the future. Take your pan-slav, anti-American views back to the Balkans, Michael, or just say thank you when you see a member of the U.S. military passing by and be on your way.
Here is my response:
To the anti-Serbian racist who attacked my letter in the Herald: First of all, I am NOT an Serbian immigrant but was born in this country. You should be ashamed of yourself for such racism against fellow Americans and your deep ignorance! Are you American because you really sound like an idiot? This is how you view debate just as George Bush: either you are "with us" or "against us." If I write on a point of view that is contrary to yours, then I can't be an American! I must be Serbian! Shame on you for not understanding the concept of debate. That sounds more fascist to me. And regardless, I care more for the the US than you do, as a US citizen, because I'm trying to educate Americans on this conflict to prevent WWIII. Rambo, you need to get a grip on your hatred of anything Serbian because you have been woefully misinformed (you can't even spell the names of Serbian leaders properly)! The mainstream "liberal" media in this country have not told all
sides of the Yugoslav civil wars and you have obviously been brainwashed accordingly. You probably never heard of the genocide against Serbians in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo and you obviously don't care. I've been to Kosovo myself before this conflict ever started and saw how Albanians persecuted Serbian Orthodox Christians in 1988. Living in Camp Bondsteel and overseeing the destruction of over 100 Serbian Othodox Churches and Monasteries (hundreds and in some cases over 1000 years old), the ethnic cleansing of over 200,000 Serbs from there, and the slaughter of thousands of Serbian civilians in Kosovo by the fascist, drug-running Islamic terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army doesn't quite make you an expert on the region. At the least the Herald has been willing to give alternative views on this subject unlike the vast majority of newspapers and other media outlets in this country. Given our barbaric actions in Yugoslavia, Bill Clinton, Madeleine
Albright, Wesley Clark, Richard Holbrook, George Bush, etc. etc. etc. differ little from Slobodan Milosevic - they are in my opinion war criminals who should be tried for their crimes against humanity. So before criticize other nations and other nations' leaders, why don't you start examining our own because they are leading us toward WWIII. And why don't you learn to be a better American by accepting that fellow Americans might actually have views differing from your own. That's the essence of democracy. Learn the truth of our involvement in Yugoslavia and you'll understand my letter a bit better. Speak the truth, shame the Devil!
Here is an e-mail received from an Albanian "James Gryka" probably in response to my letter in the Hill bringing Sen. McCain to task (please pardon the foul, barbaric language). This letter is interesting because it negates any doubts about Albanian intentions of a "Greater Albania" by cleansing and slaughtering non-albanians:

Subject: Russia's 'Agression' and pro-Muslim media letter
From: "James Gryka" <
Date: Sat, August 16, 2008 2:29 pm
Cc: pravica@physics.unlv.edu

Hehe. Pootie Poot just fuc-ked up the nation of cowardly rapists and thugs,
called Serbia.

Your only ally pissed of the entire world. *Only Cuba supported them, not
even Belarus*. Spin you cunt, spin all you want, but you're screwed: you're
an dying backward population, poor as dirt, with a Nazi reputation, hated by
all EU powers....and alone. It will be fun watching you in coming decades
when Sanxhak declares it's independence and when Hungary poaches parts of
'your' Vojvodina while Albanians reach 10 million.

Without Russia, you're just Serbs: losers and whiners. The 'shiptars' will
eat you for breakfast, just like before Russia helped you bastards out. In
the word of Douglas Muir:

"Albanians travel freely across the various borders; they listen to the
same music, read the same articles republished in various newspapers and
magazines, and are quick to each others' defense. Albanians in Albania
follow Macedonian politics with interest, arguing over which party better
represents ethnic Albanian interests there, while Albanians in Montenegro
can speak for hours on the difference between (current Albanian PM) Sali
Berisha and (former Albanian PM) Fatos Nano. Albanians in Kosovo — I can say
from firsthand experience — have an intimate knowledge of slurs and bad
treatment directed at Albanians in Greece. Albanians everywhere vote for the
Albanian Eurovision entry, cheer the Albanian football team, and stayed out
all night celebrating the independence of Kosovo. And they all eat burek,
drink rakija, and can bore you senseless with stories about Skanderbeg.

*The Albanosphere: it's here, and the rest of us will have to get used to
it. Because it's going to shape Balkan politics and society for a long, long
time to come."*


*Serbia's Population in Sharp Decline*
11 July 2008 Belgrade _ In the next two decades Serbia's population will
decline by a half million people, latest statistics say.

Belgrade daily Danas cited an estimate from the National Statistics
Bureau *that
the country will have 6.8 million people by 2023*, compared to the current
7.3 million inhabitants.

The birth rate in the richest northern part of Serbia has registered a
decline since 1989, while in central Serbia the population has been falling
since 1992.

The birth rate has risen in several municipalities but that has not been
enough to offset the mortality rate across the country.

Earlier data showed that *Serbia's population was the forth oldest in the
world and that the number of 15-year-olds was almost equal to those aged 65
Some experts have said that the generally low living standards is the main
reason behind the decision by young couples to have one child or not to have
children at all.

See you later genocidal scum. We'll flush the last of you in the toilet. If
you improve the economy you'll lose even more serbs.







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