Dr. Troublemaker and  Erik van Kampenin a park in The Hague – Summer 1978 …


Koos Hertogs and Dr. Troublemaker in a park in The Hague – Summer 1978 …

Koos was a member of one of the most dangerous international terrorist gangs operating under the IDB (Dutch CIA). Their goal was to stage a couple of coups in Africa and to liquidate a Prime Minister. They had 100 heavy guys and 10 million U.S. dollars available … WACE (World Atomic Contra Espionage) in cooperation with Dutch Counter Intelligence prevented this. But the Dutch government did not thank Dr. Troublemaker for infiltrating into the heart of the gang – and for leading the entire counter operation with among others [former Dutch resistance leader] Hans Teengs Gerritsen…. In order to keep things under the table, the Dutch government accused Koos of child murder. When Dr. Troublemaker protested, he was also accused of allegedly raping dozens of Dutch prostitutes and wives of top criminals. In his novel Nederland’s Mafia (Netherlands Mafia, not translated) Dr. Troublemaker described 10 percent of all those dirty corrupt practices of the Dutch government … Thus, 90 percent will be presented to the world in future books – provided Dr. Troublemaker survives …*dMMuArIwqGQ

– Koos Hertogs (1949), see, S.R. Mitric Nederland’s Mafia, 1985, P.147-148 and 291-297, 299, 303-306, 337-340, 346; S.R. Mitric The Golden Tip, 2009, Ch. 55      

– Hans Teengs Gerritsen (1907-1990), see, The Golden Tip, Ch. 11, 35, 58, 66 and 67.

– Dr. Troublemaker (1948), See: The Golden Tip

– IDB, Inlichtingendienst buitenland, now: AIVD, Dienst Inlichtingen Buitenland  

– WACE, World Atomic Contra Espionage, see, The Golden Tip     


It concerned more than 20 murders …
Children were ordered to be brought to wealthy and influential customers – some were even ministers …
If a girl threatened to talk, she was murdered …
If the real truth will surface, I think that The Netherlands will fall apart ..
For occupying myself  with it in 1980-91 and making a statement to the police in the Dutch province of Drenthe, I was gagged … then followed a series of false testimonies that I supposedly would have raped dozens of prostitutes … All that was staged by Dutch officials in high places..
A deal was made with  Koos Hertogs .. If he kept his mouth shut, he would be released earlier… Koos is but a small pawn in the whole game … I knew him since 1974, when he was jailed for a minor offense in Scheveningen … Later, I had very many contacts with him … He also visited me in prison and I also met him often outside, because when I was imprisoned in Scheveningen (from 1975 to 1979), I was allowed to go out every day… Koos had told me everything in confidence before he was arrested … I told a lawyer in confidence which important person it was, because I believed that mankind could not tolerate such a thing. .. After all, they were all innocent children abused by this dangerous pedophile gang and then murdered .. That lawyer advised me to keep my mouth shut … only thanks to that, I was in 1977 declared to be an undesirable alien, but until 1979 could still go out every day .. Only when I told them I was planning to write a novel about these horrible things,  I was transferred to the Mesdag Clinic [psychiatric penitentiary] by royal body guards, who functioned as an arrest team (read: liquidation team) .. After promising that I would not mention that highest person in my novels, I was released from Mesdag Clinic, but then again isolated in the prison in Maastricht. .. And when the Secret Service (BVD) had promised me that everything would be okay, if I promised to keep my mouth shut, I was taken to jail by the BVD man Kuiper in Esserheem .. There I got my car back and could go out whenever I wanted … When Koos was arrested sometime in 1981 or 1982, I do not know exactly when, I testified to the police that he was innocent .. But then a real witch hunt against me began … Dozens of police of the arrest team led by Arjo de Jong attacked me in jail with drawn weapons … Also they threatened to shoot me, if I would mention that very important person … Even Attorney General Feber threatened me with death, if I would publish the truth … Part of the whole affair, I have described in the novel Netherlands Mafia
The top person in charge of everything, I could not name .. Who knows, maybe Netherland’s Mafia 2 will still come out. ..
As for Peter R. de Vries: he is a friend of those influential people, who have also given him a great deal of money; his purpose is to shove all the blame and guilt in the shoes of Koos Hertogs .. Koos is no darling … a very vulgar and slick security service man… worse than any real criminal .. But he has served enough time in jail for his part in this whole affair …
I think that they now want to get rid of him  forever from this world.. Especially, because the mafia has been blackmailing the top personality in this affair for years and they do not need Koos Hertogs anymore.  This would be a pity, because Koos knows a lot and with a fair trial, he would at least be of service to humanity, if he could testify … Koos also knows the top personality in the plutonium case…
Koos acted between the Dutch top civil servant planning to liquidate a president in Africa and me – of course they did not know that I was already working with Reserve Police International; they thought I was a liquidation agent ..
You Dutch should really be ashamed of yourselves … all the trash in this world in the last thirty years comes from your corrupt secret services …
Regarding Mr. Stolk, he’s not been such an important person in the child murders .. it is someone else with much more power .. and this person is still alive!



Arjo de Jong


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Willehalm Institute Press Release

“Lady Di Lives” At The London Book Fair




Amsterdam, April 8,  2010 – The Willehalm Institute Press in Amsterdam will be highlighting its newest and controversial publication entitled "Help! They’ve Kidnapped Me! Lady Di" by Slobodan R. Mitric (better known as Karate Bob in this country) with a Lady Di Lives Poster” (see attachment) in the Dutch Pavilion at the London Book Fair in Earls Court from April 19-21.

This outlandish” novel is subtitled "A Modern Fairytale" and, as with all true fairytales, contains no evidence (yet) that the Princess is still alive. Instead it graphically depicts the complicated chain of dramatic events in the entangled upper and underworld on which the above claim is based, a claim which at first sight of course may well appear completely preposterous. However, it is no hoax, real evidence will surely surface in due time as more than one leading figure in this disenchanting fairytale is reportedly still alive and renewed judicial investigations are undertaken.

The purpose of this  blockbuster is also to prepare the general, and above all, British public for the shocking news that their beloved Princess Diana is still alive, be it it enslaved…

Robert J. Kelder



In the beginning of August 1973, Slobodan Radojev Mitric started in Belgrade an investigation into the liquidation of hundreds of Yugoslav political emigrants in the world.

At the end of August of that year, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Yugoslavia,  General Franjo Herljević ordered the Yugoslav Internal Security Service SDB to liquidate Slobodan Radojev Mitric.
Some 20 SDB agents then attacked and severely wounded Slobodan Radojev Mitric in front of the building of the Yugoslav Daily Newspaper Politika in Belgrade …
On December 24 of that same year, SDB agents shot at Slobodan Radojev Mitric with a machine gun in the center of Amsterdam ..
In self defense, Slobodan Radojev Mitric prevented the SDB from liquidating him. ..

Slobodan Radojev Mitric winds up in jail and starts writing novels about the misdeeds of the Yugoslav Security Service and publishing them (in Dutch), such as “Tito’s Murder Machine” and “Tito’s Secret Agent” …

But, of course  a murderer he never was; instead, by presenting himself as a murderer, he succeeded in revealing almost all the misdeeds that were committed against the political emigrants from Yugoslavia.
 The most important novel “The Murder Machine of Belgrade” was written in 1977. At the request of Tito, the CIA confiscated it…

The last ‘CIA’ agent Radonjic of the organization "SOPO" has a copy of that novel, in which all the murders of the political emigrants are described in detail…*lSQ*fQzirWs0XuwhH2A   





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