Balkans: Depleted Uranium in NATO Bombs Remains Deadly by Ljubica Vujadinovic









 Balkans: Depleted Uranium in NATO Bombs Remains Deadly
By: Ljubica Vujadinovic
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 23:40:46 +0200
Subject: Reportaza o posledicama NATO bombardovanja – Balkans: Depleted uranium in NATO bombs remains deathly

Postovani gospodine Mitric,

Verujem da bi moja nedavno objavljena reportaza o posledicama NATO bombardovanja bila veoma interesantna nasim ljudima u dijaspori i svim prijateljima Srbije. Saljem Vam link sa molbom da ga prosledite kome mislite da treba.

Hvala najlepse!


Ljubica Vujadinovic


Balkans: Depleted Uranium in NATO Bombs Remains Deadly

March 24, 10
Theme(s): Conflict, Environment
[]   Serbia

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Deadly Gifts of NATO’s Merciful Angel, Serbia

By Ljubica Vujadinovic

Belgrade : Serbia | Mar 23, 2010

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A leading Serbian expert in the field says the NATO’s use of depleted uranium ammunition in it’s aggression on Serbia has caused enormous increase in cancer rates and number of newborns with genetic malformations.

Silent killer

“Depleted uranium is not only radioactive, it is very toxic as well,” says doctor Radomir Kovacevic, an expert of the Institute for radiology protection “Dr. Dragomir Karajovic” in Belgrade. In an interview for VJ Movement, he explains “Primary it is nephrotoxic, so it affects kidneys, then liver and spleen. Actually, the whole organism is affected from the aspect of toxicity, it is poisoned.”.

Four studies conducted so far, on both civilians and those who worked on the spots’decontamination, have shown that the DU exposure causes typical and specific changes on genetic material.

”DNA molecule is very sensitive on aggression – in this case it is radioactivity. Experimental oncology has shown 18 years ago that in the etiopathogenesis of malignity precedes one genotoxic stadium and that is exactly what is visible on those chromosomes,” tells doctor Kovacevic, stating that the information obtained so far is enough to link the DU contamination to increase in cancer rates.

Threat to newborn lives

In Vranje area, which is surrounded by four known DU contaminated locations, there has been an enormous increase in cancer rates and number of newborns with genetic malformations. “In 1998, 21 children have been born with deformities. In 2008 there were 73,” says Nela Cvetkovic, a Member of the Vranje City Council, in a statement for VJM. The number of newborn didn’t change, it is about 800-1000 babies per year.

At the same time, in a six year period after the NATO bombing a number of newly registered cancer cases has more than doubled – from 185 in the year 2000 to 398 new diagnosis in 2006.

Permanent consequences

“The half-life of uranium 238 is very long – 4,5 billion years,” reminds nuclear physicist Miroslav Simic, stating that “this way of throwing away the nuclear waste on civil, but also military targets, is not human as the consequences are permanent.”

Traces of uranium 236 and some plutonium isotopes found on bombed locations suggest that at least a part of the material in the projectiles had originated from reprocessing nuclear fuel.

“Plutonium is one million times more toxic than uranium,” says Mr Simic in an interview for VJM, and explains that “one particle of plutonium which would enter a human body is enough to cause fatal consequences”.

At the same time in Kosovo, doctor Nebojsa Srbljak, who researches the health consequences of the bombing on civil population, accuses NATO of using so-called dirty bombs. “We first started researching when we found traces of Iodine 131 in the tissue extracted from one patient,” he says, adding that Iodine 131, also known as radio iodine, is well known as a major factor in health consequences of nuclear disaster in Chernobyl.

Price for Kosovo independence

In Kosovo, none of more than a hundred known DU contaminated locations has been cleaned. Foreign personnel has been warned to stay clear of those areas unless with full radiological protective clothing. But no one warned civilians.

“We, the doctors know what it is, politicians are silent to please their mentors. But the people are in the worst position as there are new cancer cases among young persons every day,” says doctor Srbljak, adding that the data on health statistics of Albanian population is completely unavailable.












In the beginning of August 1973, Slobodan Radojev Mitric started in Belgrade an investigation into the liquidation of hundreds of Yugoslav political emigrants in the world.

At the end of August of that year, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Yugoslavia,  General Franjo Herljević ordered the Yugoslav Internal Security Service SDB to liquidate Slobodan Radojev Mitric.
Some 20 SDB agents then attacked and severely wounded Slobodan Radojev Mitric in front of the building of the Yugoslav Daily Newspaper Politika in Belgrade …
On December 24 of that same year, SDB agents shot at Slobodan Radojev Mitric with a machine gun in the center of Amsterdam ..
In self defense, Slobodan Radojev Mitric prevented the SDB from liquidating him. ..

Slobodan Radojev Mitric winds up in jail and starts writing novels about the misdeeds of the Yugoslav Security Service and publishing them (in Dutch), such as “Tito’s Murder Machine” and “Tito’s Secret Agent” …

But, of course  a murderer he never was; instead, by presenting himself as a murderer, he succeeded in revealing almost all the misdeeds that were committed against the political emigrants from Yugoslavia.
 The most important novel “The Murder Machine of Belgrade” was written in 1977. At the request of Tito, the CIA confiscated it…

The last ‘CIA’ agent Radonjic of the organization "SOPO" has a copy of that novel, in which all the murders of the political emigrants are described in detail…  










Motto of What Slobodan Radojev Mitric Believes in:
Children of Monarchists and Partisans – UNITE!

Partisans Were Not Communists and the Ravna Gora Fighters Were Not Fascists!

Partisans Were 90 percent Serbians …
OZNA (Tito’s  Secret Service) in 1946 arrested and killed all Ravna Gora Fighters,

While UDBA (another one of Tito’s Secret Services) arrested and killed all Serbian Partisans.object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" width="420" height="339">





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Barack Obama does not realize that his America is not the same as George Bush’s was, neither that he cannot do with Tehran what Bush did to Baghdad.

  The descension of the President of the USA, Barack Obama, from the platform of the United Nations in New York, was followed by launching medium-range missiles in Iran by the President of Iran Mohammad Ahmadinejad. Obama remained thunderstruck. Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy, the prime ministers of Great Britain and France, remained thunderstruck, too.

The act of the haughty Iranian president made the silence of a scared world freeze…

Wicked things emerge to the world wherever one looks.

  Barack Obama, in his addressing to Iran, uses the same kind of threats with which his predecessor used to Iraq. George Bush, Junior, occupied Iraq, overwhelmed with fear because of the possibility of launching an atomic bomb onto Tehran, which was very certain.

  Obama is overwhelmed with fear because of the same possibility – the launching of the Iranian atomic bomb. It is not said in public, but it is certain what the target of the bomb could be.

  The thing which is not comprehended is that Barack Obama’s America is not the same as George Bush’s America was, nor that Obama can handle the situation the way Bush did. Bush’s America did not hesitate to organize for itself the Eleventh of September in the year of 2001, in order to make the world admit that terrorism exists in the world – a show which neither was nor will ever be. When the world admitted the existence of terrorism, Bush forestalled Saddam Hussein while he was preparing the mounting of the A-bomb.

  But, what now? The Baghdad bomb was not mounted. The fuel remained, but it cannot be destroyed; nuclear fuel can be destroyed only by an explosion. If there is no bomb, the fuel cannot be destroyed. The fuel left like this is a greater danger than an exploding bomb; free and unused nuclear fuel could indeed be disintegrated only by nature. However, approximately a thousand years are needed for such disintegration. Is Obama aware of the circumstances in which his country is found, in the presence of the occupation of Iraq? How long will he, actually, and all the other presidents who are to come, have to tie America with the fate of Iraq in the presence of nuclear fuel, which is prepared and not used, and in the circumstances when America confronted Iran?

  Such turmoil can be understood in different ways, but one thing is indisputable – the world has never been in front of the danger of self-destruction as it is today. America can be seen in a way how one likes, but America more than all the large and small powers has the responsibility for a possible nuclear accident which could happen to planet Earth and which could entirely destroy it in the time ahead of us.

  The threat does not come from the large powers, but from the small ones.

  America, a large power, has given the nuclear technology to many small powers – easily, as if it were a Hollywood entertainment which cheers the world in question. America has not given this technology only to North Korea, a fake state creation which was given this technology by the Soviets and Chinese. Nevertheless, the Soviets and the Chinese impose severe discipline on Korea, the same way as one keeps a tight rein on a wild horse.

  America has given the nuclear technology to Iraq and Iran as a gift. America gave them this delicate and too expensive resource at the same time, in the same way, under the same conditions and for the same purposes. America did it as a sign of sincere and long-lasting friendship with these nations, but with a childish oversight that these two nations have had a relationship with unbearable suspicion and historical animosity from the time of genesis.

  The bestowal took place under the circumstances of invisibility and without the world knowing it during the reign of Shah Reza Pahlavi. The Shah accepted the formula, bearing an irresistible dream in his mind – to bring back the old glory of Persia to the Iranians, but not with the A-bomb, but with oil which had the price of 45 dollars per barrel, when it cost six dollars on the drill-holes. For that purpose, he founded the OPEC, which had the task to dictate the conditions under which the Iranian people would have the glory of Persia back.

  America removed the Shah from the throne, and the Europeans brought Imam Khomeini to be the ruler of Iran. Nevertheless, Imam had the same dream; the difference was that the army of Iran was to spread the glory of Islam, not of Persia, throughout the world, with the resource of the atomic bomb. America said: “No!”

  Imam made his answer by breaking the diplomatic relations. The Europeans stood on America’s side. Imam put the Europeans under the same embargo – nearly with all of them, just as with America, he broke diplomatic relations.

  Then, Saddam Hussein stood up against Imam. According to Saddam, the Iranian army could not spread the glory of Islam throughout the world. Islam is the religion of the Arab people, not the Persian. It originated in Iraq, and the bearers were the Sunni Arabs.

  The people of Iran are the Shi’a variant of Islam, the minority of the religion. Barely ten percent of Islamists are Shi’ites.

 Islam is a tradition of the powerful merchant class of Arabs from the plain areas located between Tigris and Euphrates, with Baghdad as the capital of the Islamic religion. The Iraqi people are the successors of the Mesopotamian civilization and the Babylon epoch, and Islam originated in their native land. Therefore, only the Iraqi army can spread the glory of Islam around the world. Saddam imagined that only an army which is invincible can do this, and so he attacked Iran.

  The ten-year war between Iraq and Iran ended – with a tie, without a winner and an underdog. And then Saddam, in order to ensure his army the attribute of invincibility, turned to Kuwait and occupied it. America reacted and expelled the Iraqis from Kuwait and, therefore, provoked a hard and permanently unsolvable conflict between these two countries. This conflict spread like ashes over the Iraqi dream of spreading the glory of Islam throughout the world.

  Imam’s dream of an Islamic Revolution and of the glory of Islam was preserved. When the diplomatic relations between Iran and the western world came to a standstill, the collaboration in the field of atomic resources came to a standstill, too. In 1983, I saw a consignment with the complete equipment for a nuclear power plant of one thousand megawatts, packed and not delivered, in a factory for producing equipment for nuclear power plants in Frankfurt on Main. It was intended for Iran, but it remained in Frankfurt.

 Europe and America were silent about this. Because, when the Europeans stood on America’s side during the Iran-America conflict in 1981, Imam rejected the Europeans from Iranian threshold once and for all and turned to the Soviets.

  The Europeans and probably the Americans did not understand that the ten-year war between Iran and Iraq represented only a hope for a bloody achievement of one of the phases of nuclear dream of both political elites in power of these nations. The war had to deceive the world and the great world powers with its long duration so that the Islamic leaders of both countries could be able to develop their nuclear resources in the interiors of their countries at leisure and be able to achieve their neurotic goals. During that time, in the World’s Order of the Cold War, both countries belonged to the Third World, that is, to the ideological and political synthesis which expressed concern because the Order was overfilled with nuclear weapons.

  Europe missed the chance to be a patron to these imperialistic ambitions of its eternal hinterland. It also missed the chance to neutralize and to hold under control these ambitions with which the past is diverted into the future by means of  technological resources. Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia have packed plans for the development of nuclear technology. The same plans have also Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. The West did not understand this, but it should have. Today’s Iranian elite in power follows the tradition of the deceased Imam with the same haughtiness, which means that the relations between Iran and the West have remained the same during all these decades. Unbearable, as it was.

  The sphere of nuclear technology in Iran was won by the Russians.

  The Russians are silent now.

  It would not be advisable to conclude that they like the agony of the Western leaders who are frightened with the arbitrary behaviour of the small owners of nuclear technology in the Middle East. And, of course, in other areas of the planet Earth. They have it, but the tragic thing is that nobody in these small countries knows the doctrine of nuclear technology. I still remember an incident in the nineties of the last century, while I was reporting about these topics and events in the newspaper “Politika“: the director of the National Institute for nuclear technology in Pakistan, the country which was given this resource by the Americans, stated that: “…Pakistani missles with warheads are ready to fly to New Delhi. A wink from the politicians is only waited for.“

  If such a threat was said by an expert for nuclear technology, what could then be expected by simple minded politicians who decide on everything. Pakistan would have thrown an atomic bomb on India, if America had not holded Pakistan under its control, the same way as the Russians and the Chinese hold North Korea.  Therefore, the Russians are silent, not because they want to exult in the weakness of the Western leaders who want to prevent a possible catastrophe of the Planet. They are aware that if one of the small powers uses this sinister resource, the others will use it too. They would not use it for self-defence, but for their need to express themselves. If something like this happens, and something like this is about to happen, it will be the end of Planet Earth and all the living creatures on it.

  If America and Great Britain strike with France, which has joined them, on Iran, episodes like with Iraq will not be repeated. That would be a definitive tragedy of mankind.


journalist and publicist,






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 Борба за истину у науци новим открићем

Борба за истину у науци новим открићем. Fw: Your rejection of paper "Gravitational Feedback and Solar Cycle" without any argument‏


Lyubomir Gruyitch (


donderdag 28 januari 2010 22:12:43


geopolit@EUnet.yu;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Postojbina (; Sorabia (;; Pokret (pokret@eunet.yu);; Vidovdan Info (;;; Kongres srpskog ujedinjenja (; Serbske Internet Novine (; Srpski glas (; Srpski narodni pokret 1389 (; Srpski Nostradamus (; (; Srpski Sabor Dveri Dveri (;

CC:; Jovan Djuric (;


Поштоване даме и господо,


Др Јован Ђурић је био професор на Универзитету Нови Мексико у Албуркерку, Нови Мексико, САД.


Био је одржао јавно предавање пре око 1,5 – 2 године на Машинском факултету у Београду. При том је и експериментално пред присутнима у пуној сали 210 потврдио своја зачуђујућа теоријска открића. Тадашњи декан Милош Недељковић је био обећао да ће рад др Ђурића бити објављен у Зборнику радова Факултета. То до сада није урађено.


Следећа његова преписка с директором уредништва Америчког друштва за физику илуструје ту његову вишедеценијску борбу.


Ово преносим по одобрењу др Ђурића. Можда некоме буде корисно, а можда нови Декан испуни обећање.


Љубомир Т. Грујић

Некадашњи професор Машинског факултета у Београду






—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Jovan Djuric <>
Cc:;; Lyubomir Gruyitch <>
Sent: Wed, January 27, 2010 4:06:39 AM
Subject: Your rejection of paper "Gravitational Feedback and Solar Cycle" without any argument

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From: Jovan Djuric, retired UNM professor   <>

To: Dr. Daniel Kulp, Editorial Director, American Physical Society    <>

Cc: Mr. Chris Iannicello, Product Manager, AIP UniPHY , American Institute of Physics  <>

       Mr. Newton J, Gaskill, Vice Consul, US Embassy in Belgrade <> 

       Professor Dr. Ljubomir Grujic, retired, Member APS


Subject: Your rejection of paper “Gravitational Feedback and Solar Cycle”  without any argument

Attached:  Latest version    GFASC  5  pdf


Dear Dr. Kulp,


This is my response to your e-mail letter to me dated January 25, 2010 which is shown here exactly as received on January 25, 2010 at 9:10 PM Central Europe Standard Time:

—– Original Message —–
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 9:10 PM
Subject: Your_manuscript Djuric

> Re: Gravitational feedback and solar cycle
>     by Jovan Djuric
> Dear Dr. Djuric,
> This manuscript is not suitable for publication in any Physical Review
>  It is extremely unlikely that any revision will meet our strict criteria
> consideration, so we suggest that you seek publication elsewhere.
> Sincerely,
> Daniel Kulp
> Editorial Director
> American Physical Society
> Physics – spotlighting exceptional research:


It is amazing that you have been given absolute power to reject any scientific paper without any reasons and without any reasonable argument. I believe that the only reason that you cannot stand this my paper (and also my other papers) is that my paper is correcting an over 300 (three hundred) years old omission of the definition of the center of self gravitation in the very foundation of physics, without which definition almost incredible stupidities and absurdities have entered theoretical physics, some even awarded by the Nobel prizes, but the very important physical entity the intrinsic mass moment was practically excluded from theoretical physics. In order to shorten this letter, I suggest that you should read the ending portion of the latest version of my paper “Gravitational Feedback and Solar Cycle” which is attached to this letter in the pdf format. The logical impasse in physics is discussed there quite clearly.


You and all editors of various journals to which my papers correcting that omission, (which I discovered over 60 years ago as the student at the Belgrade University), were submitted, behave as the infamous blind followers of Aristotle, so called Peripatetics, who could not accept the shift from the geocentric system to the heliocentric system, thus preventing the Kopernikan revolution by brutal force and threat of burning at the stake. You and all other editors prevent the free exchange of ideas in your journals printing only “accepted” theories, thus firmly holding to your established positions of power, but with all kind of obvious stupidities and absurdities, like gluons, quarks, dark matter, etc.  You and the editors like you violate obviously the freedom of scientific speech by printing only your cherished  “accepted” theories, since they are the foundations of your absolute insane powers. Opposition and opposing novel scientific ideas and their discussions are apparently not allowed in science anymore, just like in the infamous communist and nazi regimes! What a shame! What a farce in science! But all those accumulated stupidities and absurdities in physics will be inexorably swept away sooner or later by a new scientific revolution quite similar to the famous Kopernikan revolution. My scientific ideas can be found on the Internet Site  and very soon with all my still unpublished new papers.


Jovan Djuric, retired UNM professor

Balkanska 28, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Telephone:  00381 11 2682615 











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Ceo njegov zivot u dijaspori posvecen je drustvenom zivotu. Vise puta biran za predsednika Kanadsko-Jugoslovenskog Udruzenja. Clan je i Srpsko Kanadskog Udruzenja. Osnovao je Radio Montreal i etnicki TV program , ciji je urednik bio 12 godina. Bez pomoci sa strane, vlastitim finansiskim sredstvima i napornim radom obavestavao je svet i srpsku zajednicu o aktuelnim politickim dogadjanjima u zemlji. Neustrasivo se borio protiv zapadne mediske fabrikacije dogadjanja u zemlji i satanizaciji Srba.



Subject: prilozi
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 12:40:14 -0400



Kada su Nil Armstrong, Majkl Kolinsi Edvin Oldrin poleteli ka Mesecu 20. jula 1969. godine bio je to događaj veka. U šumadiji je prvi korak čoveka "po mesečini" izazvao veliku dilemu. Ima li boga gore – pitali su se srpski seljaci. I shvatili da ima i čoveka i Boga. 

Navršilo se 40 godina od čovekovog leta na Mesec. 

Imena astronatua Nila Armstronga, Edvina Oldrina i Majkla Kolinsa upisana su zlatnim slovima u istoriju čovečanstva. Malo se, međutim zna da su u konstrukciji i dizajnu svemirskog programa Apolo 11 i broda Saturn učestvovala i osmorica stručnjaka srpskog porekla. Milojko Majk Vučelić je bio projekt menadžer, a od 1966. do 1978. jedan od direktora čitavog programa Apolo. Zato ga je predsednik Lindon Džonson i odlikovao Medaljom slobode – otkriva nam Dejvid Vujić iz Vašingtona, koji je pre četiri decenije bio zvanični portparol NASA i programa Apolo 11.

Taj program je rađen na inicijativu predsednika Džona Kenedija od 1963. do 1969. godine. Naime, dva meseca posle prvog leta u svemir sovjetskog kosmonauta Jurija Gagarina i samo dvadeset dana nakon uzletanja prvog američkog astronauta Alana Šeparda, američki predsednik Džon Kenedi se 25. maj 1961. godine na zajedničkoj sednici oba doma američkog Kongresa obavezao da će do kraja decenije Amerikanci leteti na Mesec. Potrošio je dva programa Apolo, dok treći Apolo 11 nije odvezao ljude na Mesec.

Šest i po sati posle sletanja, u direktnom TV prenosu koji je posmatralo oko 600 miliona ljudi na Zemlji, na Mesečevu površinu, u more tišine, iz broda je zakoračio Nil Armstrong uz dugo pripremanu rečenicu "Ovo je mali korak za čoveka, ali veliki za čovečanstvo!" 

Bio je to, međutim, i ogroman iskorak za srpske naučnike i inžinjere, koji su u NASI radili na programu Apolo 11. A koje nam predstavlja Dejvid Vujić portparol NASA:

– U programu Apolo 11 direktno su bili uključeni Milojko Majk Vučelić, Slavoljub Vujić, Milisav Šurbatović, Danilo Bojić, Dragiša Giš Jovanović, Petar Gajić, Veljko Gašić i ja – kaže Dejvid Vujić, danas penzionisani biznismen.

Vujić je rođen u Pensilvaniji 1935. godine. Diplomirao je u Midlandu tehničke nauke, magistrirao je u Vašingtonu, gde se zaposlio u NASA. Bio je predstavnik avionske kompanije "Panam" i vlasnik konsturktorske firme "Dsaund". Dejvid Vujič je veliki brat srpske masonske lože u SAD i vrlo uticajan čovek u Vašingtonu danas.


Prema njegovom kazivanju glavni projektant vasionskog broda Milojko Majk Vučelić je rođen u Garešnici 1930. godine. Prvih sedam razreda gimnazije završio je u Bjelovaru. U SAD odlazi 1956. gde diplomira na elektro-tehničkim fakultetima i ističe se kao vrhunski stručnjak u kontroli leta i spašavanju svemirskih brodova. 

– Pored "Apola 11" Vučelić je radio i na brodu "Apolo 13". Kada je kao stručnjak za svemirske brodove napustio programe NASA otvorio je u Ohaju vlastitu kompaniju "Ideal Electric", koja ima 170 zaposlenih i vredi 25 miliona dolara. U firmi pored oca Milojka radi i njegov sin Nikola Nik Vučelić, kao i ostali članovi porodice – kaže Dejvid Vujić. 

Slavoljub Vujić je bio producent i kordinator projekta "Apollo 11". Milisav Šurbatović je bio šef inžinjerijske ekipe, a Danilo Bojić, kreator šatla "Orao" za šetnju po Mesecu. Dragiša Giš Jovanović je bio inžinjer, kao i Petar Gajić. A Veljko Gašić je bio savetnik, ali istovremeno i dizajner američkih bombardera "T-38 trainer", "F-5 fighter" i "B-2".

Milisav Šurbatović je bio šef šifrantskog odeljenja pri štabu na Ravnoj Gori. U svojim memoarima pisao je koliko je Draža Mihailović patio kada je dobio depešu da njegovi sin i ćerka sarađuju sa komunistima.

– I sada gledam lik tog plemenitog čoveka, blagog lica i izraza. Svakome je govorio "Vi". On je bio vojnik, a ne političar, izdali su ga. On nije mogao da ima uvid šta su radili njegovi komandanti. A svaki je želeo da bude mali Draža – deo je Šurbatovićevog svedočenja.

Majk Vučelić je čitavu deceniju radio na svemirskim programimi u NASA. Napisao je i dve knjige Apolo 13 i Apolo 14. Kada su američki astronauti, osvajači Meseca krenuli na svetsku turneju, boravili su i u Beogradu. Sa njima je bio i inžinjer Vučelić. Tu izložbu posetio je i predsednik Tito. Njemu je predstavljen ceo program, ali je prećutano da su ga radili američki Srbi. 

– Srpskoj koloniji u Americi najpoznatiji među njima je bio inžinjer i fabrikant Petar Gajić, koji je zapošljavao radnike, ali i pomagao srpsku crkvu i dinastiju. Petar Gajić je bio vlasnik fabrike "Alva radio" u Los Anđelosu, koja se bavila proizvodnjom elektronskih uređaja i aparata za sve vrste američkih letilica, pa i za kosmičke. 

Bio je sin čuvenog kraljevog generala Joakima Gajića i sam kraljev oficir, koji je posle rata emigrirao u Ameriku. Iako je imao sa Jevrejima mešovitu firmu u Nemačkoj mladi srpski biznismen se sa porodicom preselio na Menhetn i postao član srpske crkve. Tu je u crkvi Sveti Sava na Menhetnu 1958. godine upoznao Veru Stepić iz Beograda, razveo se i oženio sa njom. Imao je tada dvoje dece, sina Vladimira i ćerku Kseniju – priča nam Gradimir Marković iz Čikaga, dobar poznavalac američkih prilka u srpskoj koloniji. 

Prema njegovom sećanju u vreme predsednika Ričarda Niksona, srpski tvroci Apola 11 su pozivani u Belu kuću na prijeme. Kao republikanaci davali su donacije za predsedničku kampanju Ronalda Regana, a potom i za Džordž Buša starijeg. 

– Ne treba biti preterano skroman, ali se može reći da su Srbi dali ogroman doprinos da Amerikanci prvi odlete na Mesec i ostvare premoć u vasioni, u kojoj danas imaju preko 80 satelita – kaže Gradimir Marković iz Čikaga.


Kao i svi đaci, kao mlad čitao sam Žila Verna i mislio da je to fantazija o avanturama "20.000 milja pod morem" ili "Put u središte Zemlje". Ali, kada sam počeo da razmišljam o putovanju u kosmos, 1968. godine tokom leta "Apolo 8", prve misije koja je napravila nekoliko krugova oko Meseca, bio sam uveren u uspeh. 

Programu "Apolo" pridružio sam se u februaru 1962. godine, kada je preduzeće "North American Aviation", u kom sam radio, dobilo ugovor za konstrukciju i gradnju matičnog broda svemirske letelice. Počeo sam kao inženjer, nastavio kao menadžer i napredovao u programu kao odgovorano lice za konstrukcije svemirskog broda "Apolo".

Ovako danas govori Milojko Majk Vučelić, konstruktor svemirskog broda koji je ljude odneo na Mesec. Vučelić, sa suprugom Inge i dva sina Aleksanrom, Nikolom i petoro unučadi živi u Mansfieldu, država Ohajo. I kako reče, priprema se za proslavu 40 godišnjice leta "Apola 11". 

Eksluzivno objašnjava kao je Amerikance poslao na Mesec.

Moj prvi zadatak u svemirskom centru u Kaliforniji bio je da odredim glavne konstruktivne parametre svemirske letelice, tako da može da bude prikladna za oba koncepta sletanja na Mesec. Prvi je koncept bio direktno sletanje svemirske letelice, a drugi je bio spajanje u mesečevoj orbiti sa lunarnim modulom sa ljudskom posadom. Ja sam uradio tri konstrukcije "Apola 11" i izabrana je ova druga varijanta. Džon Kenedi, predsednik SAD je lično motivisao naš tim da Amerikanci slete na Mesec pre kraja 1969. godine – kaže Milojko Vučelić. 

Istorijskog dana 16. jula 1969. godine, kada je "Apolo 11" lansiran iz Kejp Kenedija na Floridi inžinjer Vučelić je, kaže, sedeo uz glavnog kontrolora vasionskog leta Džena Kranza. 

Teško je opisati naše raspoloženje kad se modul "Orao" spustio na površinu Meseca. Najveću radost osetili smo kad su pipci na stajnom trapu modula dotakle površinu Meseca. Džena Kranza je rekao: "Nemoguće, mi smo dole, na Mesecu?" Odgovorio sam: "Nemoguće, je i bio naš cilj". Radili smo u dve smene po 12 sati, a ponekad i po 16 sati. Bilo je problema na modulu "Orao", jer je zbog uključivanja radara kompjuter bio preopterećen. Kad su astronauti sleteli ja sam otišao u hotel na spavanje – seća se Milojko Majk Vučelić.


Svi američki mediji pre i posle misije tvrdili su kako Majk Vučelić neće nikada biti poznat kao komsonauti Nil Armstrong, Majkl Kolins i Baz Oldrin koji su sleteli na zemljin satelit. Vučelić otkriva da su se sami astronauti potrudili da tako ne bude:

Dok je Kolins kružio oko Meseca razmišljao je da radi ako se Armstrong i Oldrin ne vrate. Napisao je: ‘Svemirski brod broj 107 pod nazivom "Apollo 11" je najbolji svemirski brod koji je sagrađen i Bog ga blagoslovio". Zatim se potpisao. Kad se vratio, poklonio nam je taj napis kao veliko priznanje nama, ljudima koji smo sa Zemlje vodili brigu o njemu. Uramio sam to kao sliku i ona visi u mojoj kancelariji – pokazuje nam Majk Vučelić taj istorijski suvenir.

U timu Apolo 11" bilo je nekoliko naših inženjera, Slavoljub Vujić, Milisav Šurbatović, Danilo Bojić, Dragiša Giš Jovanović, Petar Gajić, Veljko Gašić i Dejvid Vujić, koji su formirali društvo "ćelavih orlova". Posle uspešne misije napravili su žurku u Kaliforniji, otkriva nam Vučelić. A onda je njegovo ime stiglo i do Josipa Broza. 

Tito je već čuo za mene od Franka Bormana, astronauta misije "Apolo 8". Borman je posetio tadašnju Jugoslaviju i Tita, koji ga je pitao "Zar se niste bojali toga leta oko Meseca?"

Borman mu je odgovorio: "Ma kakvi, vaš Majk Vučelić je bio glavni i brinuo je sa Zemlje o meni". Tito me je posle primio na izložbi "Apolo 11", jer je želeo da iz prve ruke čuje priču o razvoju programa osvajanja Meseca – kaže Vučelić i dodaje:

Danas mogu da kažem, ja sam posalo Amerikance na Mesec!

Za glavne aktere misije "Apolo 11" Milojko Vučelić kaže da su izvanredni astonauti i ljudi.

Armstrong je bio vrlo snažna osoba, dobar pilot, izvrstan inženjer i vrlo skroman čovek. Sreo sam ga zadnji put 2008. u San Diegu na proslavi 40. godišnjice misije "Apolo 8". Kad su mu rekli da je astronaut, pobunio se i rekao: ‘Ne, ja sam inženjer’. Za razliku od Nila, koji je skroman čovek, Oldrin je uživao u slavi poput filmskog glumca. Imao je zato velike psihičke probleme sa alkoholizmom – otkriva Majk Vučelić, danas penzionisani poslovni čovek iz Ohaja.

Kada je u SAD nedavno počela proslava 40 godišnjice leta od istorijskog na Mesec, koja će svoj vrhunac imati 24. jula u Vašingtonu, jedno od centralnih mesta u toj proslavi "Neopevani heroji Apolo 11" ima pored trojice astronauta i Milojko Majk Vučelić, Srbin iz države Ohajo. Tvorac programa "Apolo 11" za osvajanje Meseca tim povodom kaže: 

Iz današnjeg ugla gledano, mislim da je "Apolo" kao projekt ogromno tehnološko dostignuće 20. veka. Po značaju za civilizaciju ovaj projekat se može porediti samo sa otkrićem i korišćenje atomske energije u energetske svrhe. Oba ova dostignuć su bila rezultat tehnoloških, tako i političkih napora da se unapredi život na Zemlji – smatra danas Majk Vučelić.


Ovaj Srbin poreklom iz Kolašina, radio je i na programu "Apolo 13", drugom letu Amerikanaca na mesec, kada je, kako kaže bio primoran da spasava i svemirsku letilicu i astronaute. 

– Nisam ja jedini Srbin koji je zadivio Amerikance svojim učešćem u svemirskom programu – kaže iskreno Majk Vučelić i otkriva: 

– U SAD je 1970. godine objavljena jedna slika nas desetak Srba koji smo radili u raznim funkcijama kod kompanija "North American Aviation" i "Space Division" u gradu Dovni u Kaliforniji. Ti Srbi su se raštrkali po raznim stranama Amerike, ali se danas dosta govori i piše o mom kolegi Danilu Bojiću, koji i danas živi u Dovni. Danilo je Srbin iz Kolašina. U svim programima "Apolo" bio je odgovoran za čvrstoću rezervara tečnog kiseonika i vodonika pod velikim pritiskom. Kad su nas posetili Japanci, Bojić se predstavljao kao "Danilo von Kolashin". Impresionirani njegovim znanjem Japanci su ga zvali "von Kolashin" – kaže Vučelić.

I specijalno otkriva da su SAD pokušale zajedno sa Rusima da lete na Mesec i Mars i da je Vučelić u tom pokušaju učestvovao:

NASA je nakon uspešnog sletanja na Mesec stornirala tri leta "Apola" i odlučila da traži mogućnost upotrebe svemirskih letilica i raketa za korist celog sveta. Ideja je bila da se urade zajednički programi osvajanja kosmosa sa Rusima. 

Kako sam govorio ruski uključen sam sastanak NASE oktobra 1969. sa generalom Beregovojem, komandantom Sovjetskih kozmonauta i potom u Beogradu sa astronautom Popovičem. Predsednik Tito je pri tom pomogao, jer je sa Brežnjevom dogovorio da primi 1975. godine Ričarda Niksona u Moskvu i da se dogovore oko zajedničkog leta na Mesec i Mars. 

Od projekta se odustalo je su SAD i SSSR sagradili svoje svemirske stanice i uselili se u kosmos – kaže Majk Vučelić. Ovaj 79 godina star inžinjer i biznismen živi sa suprugom Inge, doktorom psihologije u državi Ohajo. Stariji sin Aleksandar Vučelić je ekspert za čistu energiju i radi u Njujorku. Oženjen je Srpkinjom iz Dalmacije. 

A mlađi sin Nikola Vučelić je projektni inženjer za raketna pilotska sedišta za spasavanje posade mlaznih aviona. Posle interesovanja iz Beograda za njega i njegovu porodicu Milojko Majk Vučelić je odlučio da poseti Srbiju: 

– U avgustu letimo kod ženinih u Minhen, potom kod tazbine mog sina u Veli Lošinj. Ići ćemo u posetu prijateljima u Zagreb, a potom u Beograd. Dolazim u Srbiju krajem septembra, jer želim da, ako dobijem poziv, održim predavanje o svemiru na Beogradskom univerzitetu i da vidim svoje prijatelje – poručuje Majk Vučelić, čovek koji je Amerikance poslao na Mesec.





  LIBERTY OF THE PRESS = ISBN 978-74724-07-4































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Statement by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on North Korea’s Declared Nuclear TEST ON MAY 25, 2009














Statement by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on North Korea’s Declared Nuclear Test on May 25, 2009‏

Mice McConnell
Dr.Thomas Fingar




Mr. Dennis C. Blair







June 15, 2009



“The U.S. Intelligence Community assesses that North Korea probably conducted an underground nuclear

explosion in the vicinity of P’unggye on May 25, 2009. The explosion yield was approximately a few kilotons.

Analysis of the event continues.”

# # #

Statement by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on North Korea’s Declared Nuclear Test on May 25, 2009‏
Od: Office of the Director of National Intelligence (
Poslato: 15. jun 2009 19:06:28
Prilozi: 1 prilog Ispitivanje prisustva virusa obezbeđuje Windows Live OneCare
20090615_…pdf (28,5 KB)


Statement by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on North Korea’s Declared Nuclear Test on May 25, 2009

“The U.S. Intelligence Community assesses that North Korea probably conducted an underground nuclear explosion in the vicinity of P’unggye on May 25, 2009.  The explosion yield was approximately a few kilotons.  Analysis of the event continues.”







June 15, 2009



“The U.S. Intelligence Community assesses that North Korea probably conducted an underground nuclear

explosion in the vicinity of P’unggye on May 25, 2009. The explosion yield was approximately a few kilotons.

Analysis of the event continues.”

# # #



A Japanese newspaper has reported that the son of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Il, pictured, has visited Beijing recently to tell the Chinese leadership that he had been anointed as the reclusive state’s next leader.


Graphic on the key processing steps needed to create a nuclear bomb. South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak on Monday started a visit to the United States to coordinate action on North Korea, as one of his ministers said Pyongyang had been running a secret weapons program for years.


A North Korea long-range rocket — allegedly carrying a communication satellite — was launched from Hwadae-gun in April 2009. The UN Security Council voted unanimously Friday to adopt tougher sanctions targeting North Korea’s atomic and ballistic missile programs, but the Stalinist state was reportedly sticking to its nuclear defiance.




This undated handout photo released by the Korean Central News Agency on January 5, 2009 shows a missile-firing drill at an undisclosed location in North Korea. The US government has signaled that it was seeking a way to interdict, possibly with China?s help, North Korean sea and air shipments suspected of carrying weapons or nuclear technology, The New York Times reported Monday.


The United Nations Security Council meets on North Korea’s nuclear policy at the United Nations. The Security Council voted unanimously Friday to slap tougher UN sanctions on North Korea to cripple its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, but Washington said Pyongyang might respond with "further provocation.

"(AFP/Don Emmert)


TV footage from the National Chinese Television shows North Korea’s cooling tower seconds before its demolition at the Yongbyon nuclear complex in June 2008. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has heaped praise on the military as his country defies United Nations sanctions by vowing to increase its nuclear arsenal, state media said Sunday.

Unused fuel rods at a warehouse at North Korea’s nuclear complex in Yongbyon. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has heaped praise on the military as his country defies United Nations sanctions by vowing to increase its nuclear arsenal, state media said



Map of North Korea’s nuclear installations. North Korea’s ailing leader Kim Jong-Il has named his youngest son Jong-Un — a 26-year-old Swiss-educated basketball fan — as heir to his communist dynasty.

(AFP iactiv)



North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il inspects a unit of the Korean People’s Army at an undisclosed location in North Korea. There has been growing speculation in Washington that North Korea may conduct its third-ever nuclear test, even after the United Nations Security Council last week unanimously voted to tighten sanctions on Pyongyang.




North Korean soldiers guard the bank of the Yalu River near the Chongsong County of North Korea, opposite the Chinese border town of Hekou June 15, 2009. North Korea at the weekend responded to U.N. punishment for its May 25 nuclear test by saying it was weaponising plutonium, separating more fissile material and starting a uranium enrichment programme.



South Korean soldiers walk along a barbed wire fence in Paju near the Demilitarized Zone dividing the two Koreas. US President Barack Obama was set to meet with the leader of South Korea, who is seeking security guarantees as a standoff escalates with nuclear-armed North Korea.

(AFP/Jung Yeon-Je)

NKorea warns of nuclear war amid rising tensions

By VIJAY JOSHI, Associated Press Writer Vijay Joshi, Associated Press Writer – Sun Jun 14, 2:02 pm ET


AP – South Korean protesters burn North Korean national flags during a rally, denouncing the ninth anniversary …

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea’s president ordered his top security officials Sunday to deal "resolutely and squarely" with new North Korean warnings of a nuclear war on the eve of his U.S. visit. In Washington, Vice President Joe Biden said "God only knows" what North Korea wants from the latest showdown.

President Lee Myung-bak travels to Washington on Monday for talks with President Barack Obama that are expected to focus on the North’s rogue nuclear and missile programs.

The trip comes after North Korea’s Foreign Ministry threatened war with any country that stops its ships on the high seas under new sanctions approved by the U.N. Security Council in response to its May 25 nuclear test.

It also vowed Saturday to "weaponize" all its plutonium and acknowledged a long-suspected uranium enrichment program for the first time. Both plutonium and uranium are key ingredients of atomic bombs.

A commentary published Saturday in the North’s state-run Tongil Sinbo weekly claimed the U.S. was deploying a vast number of nuclear weapons in South Korea and Japan.

North Korea "is completely within the range of U.S. nuclear attack and the Korean peninsula is becoming an area where the chances of a nuclear war are the highest in the world," it said.

Kim Yong-kyu, a spokesman at the U.S. military command in Seoul, denied the allegation, saying the U.S. no longer has nuclear bombs in South Korea. U.S. tactical nuclear weapons were removed from South Korea in 1991 as part of arms reductions following the Cold War.

President Lee summoned his top security ministers Sunday and ordered them to "resolutely and squarely cope" with the North’s threats, his office said. The Unification Ministry, responsible for ties with the North, issued a statement demanding that it stop inflaming tension and resume talks with the South.

"North Korea should give up its nuclear program … and stop any kind of military threat," it said. "We urge North Korea to respond in a sincere dialogue to improve South-North Korean relations."

The new U.N. sanctions approved Friday are aimed at depriving the North of the financing used to build its nuclear program. They also authorize searches of North Korean ships suspected of transporting illicit ballistic missile and nuclear materials.

Biden told NBC’s "Meet the Press" that it’s crucial that the U.S. and other nations "make sure those sanctions stick."

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, reportedly had a stroke 10 months ago and analysts believe there may be a plan in place to name his inexperienced 26-year-old son, Kim Jong Un, as the future leader.

"God only knows what he wants," Biden said of Kim. "There’s all kinds of discussions. Whether this is about succession, wanting his son to succeed him. Whether or not he’s looking for respect. Whether or not he really wants a nuclear capability to threaten the region. … We can’t guess his motives.

"We just have to deal with the reality that a North Korea that is either proliferating weapons and or missiles, or a North Korea that is using those weapons … is a serious danger and threat to the world, and particularly East Asia," the vice president said.

Lee Sang-hyun, an analyst at the Sejong Institute, a South Korean security think tank, said he believes the North will continue to conduct nuclear tests until it masters the technology to mount nuclear warheads on missiles and will give credit for it to Kim Jong Un.

"Kim Jong Un’s status is still unstable. Kim Jong Il appears to be trying to give the son a powerful means to strengthen his succession," Lee said. "Kim Jong Un could also get the credit for nuclear weapons development."

North Korea is already believed to have enough plutonium for at least half a dozen atomic bombs.

North Korea says its nuclear program is a deterrent against the U.S., which it accuses of plotting to invade and topple its regime. Washington, which has 28,500 troops in South Korea, has repeatedly denied having any such plans.


Associated Press writers Jae-soon Chang and Hyung-jin Kim contributed to this report.







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 Канада и атомско оружје !!!!!!!!!!!!!‏
‏ Душан М. Стојановић

Канада и атомско оружје !!!!!!!!!!!!!‏
Šalje:  Dusan M Stojanovic (
Poslano: 12. lipanj 2009 18:32:40
Prima: SERBSKE INTERNET NOVINE (; Dusan M Stojanovic (
Драги Слободане,

да се и ово зна како канада атомско оружје подржава и прави са ратним лордовима, нарко баронима и ултра фундаменталистима.

Раб Христов

Душан М. Стојановић
































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Karate Bob & Björn Grünstein

(Stocholm 1970)








Haninge Budoklubbs Sensei Björn Grünstein har  graderat till 6 dan.

Graderingen genomfördes den 8 Juni 2008 vid JKA Europe Seminar i Paris. Samtidigt graderade även Leslie Jensen – Engelholms Shotokan Karateklubb till 6 dan och Miroslav Unic – Landskrona Karateklubb till 5 dan.

Från vänster:


Ted Hedlund, Björn Grünstein, Miroslav Unic, Leslie Jensen



Haninge Budoklubb
c/o Björn Grünstein
Tjädervägen 37
141 61 Huddinge

Tel:    08-88 72 69
Mobil: 0708-79 01 99

Måsöskolan i Vega


Mats Lillnor



Sensei Björn Grünstein, 6 Dan JKA


Björn föddes den 26 augusti 1945 och började träna karate först som tjugotvååring -1967. Hans första instruktör var Bo Ekström i Stockholms Karateklubb och stilen var Shotokai. Chefinstruktör för denna stil vid den här tiden var M. Harada som så småningom graderade Björn till 1:a kyu.

Från Shotokai till Shotokan

1969 lämnade jag Shotokai efter att jag i London träffat Kato- Sensei som blev min instruktör inom JKA – Shotokan Karate. Ted Hedlund och jag grundade sedan tillsammans Swedish Shotokan Association. Björn Grunstein startade Haninge Budoklubb 1973. En klubb som idag räknas som en av Sveriges mest framgångsrika klubbar med flera SM, NM och EM medaljer. (Sveriges första EM-guld togs för övrigt av en av Haninges medlemmar:A. Gadre). Här tränas i första hand traditionell Shotokan-karate men man försöker även kombinera moderna kunskaper med traditionell budo.

-Trots tävlingsframgångar, som ju är jätteroliga både för mig och mina elever, anser jag att tävling endast är en del av en individs karate-tid. Det är naturligtvis ytterst viktigt med framgång inom det man väljer att syssla med och tävlingen är ett ypperligt sätt att mäta denna. Men det som gör Karate så speciellt är att den kan erbjuda något viktigt för alla åldrar och personligheter. Inom den vanliga elitidrotten följer i bästa fall korpidrott eller ledaruppgifter medan man inom karate startar den personliga utvecklingen, som i vissa fall leder till elitidrott, men alla kan hela tiden utveckla sin karate ytterligare.


Karatens poesi

Björn Grünstein anser att Kata-träningen är viktig eftersom nybörjaren här lägger grunden för sin strävan efter tekniker och perfektion, därefter utvecklar en ökad kunskap om stil, dess idéer och försvarsprinciper och slutligen når fram till något som kan beskrivas som Karatens
poesi: En fullständig frihet inom slutna ramar.

– ‘Starka grundtekniker är ett måste’. Man får aldrig glömma bort att Karate i grund och botten är en stridskonst. Teknikerna skall fungera, även om det alltid är individen som själv måste välja hur han eller hon skall utnyttja sina kunskaper.


Graderingar JKA:

Shodan (1 Dan) -1971
Nidan (2 Dan) -1974
(för Kato-sensei)
Sandan (3 Dan) -1979
Yondan (4 Dan) -1988
(för Enoeda-sensei och Kase-sesei).
Godan (5 Dan)
(för Enoeda-sensei)
Rokkudan (6 dan) – 2008

Internationell domare sedan 1978 med flera års deltagande i den europeiska domarkommitén.

Landslagscoach sedan maj -90.



Karate i absolut världsklass!

Haninge Budoklubb är Sveriges mest meriterade karateklubb. Sveriges allra första internationella tävlingsframgångar togs av en av klubbens medlemmar som blev europamästare redan 1979. Sedan har det genom åren fortsatt på den vägen med många nationella och internationella medaljer. Under 1990- och 2000-talet så har klubben varit totalt dominerande inom svensk karate och bl.a. vunnit Lag-SM i kumite 12 år i följd! Klubben har också hela tiden varit representerade i landslaget med ett flertal platser.

Haninge Buoklubb leds av Björn Grünstein som av många anses vara Sveriges bästa karateinstruktör. Klubben bildades 1973 med Karate och Judo på programmet. Senare kom också en Aikido-sektion, men numera är det enbart Karate som tränas.

I Haninge Budoklubb tränar vi äkta JKA Shotokan Karate och vi har ända sedan starten fram till nu hållit till i klockarbergsskolans gymnastiksal, men fr.o.m. höstterminen 2006 så flyttar vi till den helt nybyggda idrottshallen i Måsöskolan i Vega.

Trots alla tävlingsframgångar så ligger tonvikten på traditionell träning som omfattar alla aspekter i karate, kihon-grundtekniker, kumite-sparring och kata-form. Dessutom så har vi ibland speciella pass med grepp, kast och låsningar mm. som ofta är Kakushi waza, uråldriga dolda tekniker, i de olika kata som vi tränar.

Välkommen till en karateklubb med stolta traditioner och högsta kvalité!



Ny Dojo

Fr.o.m. höstterminen 2006 sker träningen i den helt nybyggda idrottshallen i Måsöskolan i Vega. (Klockarbergsskolan, där klubben tidigare har tränat sedan starten 1973, blev drabbad av mögel och är nu riven.)

Måsöskolan ligger på Måsövägen i Vega.



Åk kommunalt så här: (Klicka här för resplan med SL)
Ta buss 835 från Haninge Centrum mot Vega (bussen går från Tungelsta, via Västerhaninge, Jordbro,  Haninge Centrum och Handens närsjukhus). Kliv av vid hållplats Jökelvägen. Gå över vägen och in på Jökelvägen och därefter till höger in på Måsövägen.

Med bil så här:
Från Stockholm kör du väg 73 mot Nynäshamn, ta av vid avfarten LÄNNA.
Efter avfarten svänger du till höger in på Gamla Nynäsvägen.
(Kommer du från Nynäshamnshållet så tar du vänster direkt efter avfarten).
Efter drygt 1 km. (förbi Bauhaus mm.) så svänger du till höger in på Nordenskölds väg på krönet alldeles innan bron över järnvägen. Fortsätt c:a 700 m. och sväng vänster in på Jökelvägen där det också står en skylt SKOLA. Efter 100 meter ta till höger in på Måsövägen så ligger hallen direkt till vänster. Det finns parkeringsplatser framför hallen.

Träningslokalen är alltså i den nya byggnaden på vänster sida av vägen. Ingången är på baksidan.

OBS! Dörren till omklädningsrummet kan inte ställas upp (då går larmet), så om dörren är låst när du kommer så är det bara att ringa på klockan så kommer någon och öppnar.



Börja Träna

Karate kan tränas av alla!

Det finns många olika anledningar till att träna karate. Vissa tränar för motionens skull, andra ser konstarten och den japanska kulturen som det viktigaste. En del vill tävla och satsar stenhårt och åter andra vill lära sig ett effektivt självförsvar.


Karate ger allt detta och mer därtill och framförallt så är det vansinnigt roligt!
Det är inte alls ovanligt att man efter att ha tränat ett tag och skaffat sig mer insikt om karate att drivkraften att fortsätta är en helt annan än den anledning man hade när man en gång började.

Gammal som ung spelar heller ingen roll. I Haninge Budoklubb finns idag medlemmar i alla åldrar.
Vi har dock inga barngrupper, så för att börja träna ska du helst fylla 13 år under året.

Nybörjargrupp startar varje termin.
Under de första veckorna går det bra att hoppa in. Vanliga mjuka träningskläder utan spännen av plast eller metall går bra eller en budo-gi av något slag. Så småningom skaffar men sig en karateuniform, en do-gi, vilken kostar mellan 300 och 900 kr. beroende på märke, modell och storlek.

Som nybörjare tränas du blandat av Sensei Björn Grünstein och även av någon av klubbens andra svartbälten. Träningen sker delvis gemensamt med alla och delvis separat till en början. Efter en termin så tränar du tillsammans med den övriga gruppen.

Välkommen att hälsa på och titta på en träning. Du får också provträna gratis några gånger innan du bestämmer dig.

Om du undrar över något så tveka inte att kontakta oss. Eller registrera dig i forumet och ställ frågor där




Tider, Avgifter


Vi tränar på Måndagar, Onsdagar och Fredagar.

Nybörjare tränar första terminen mellan kl. 18.00 – 19.00
Övriga 18.00-19.30

OBS! Tills vidare så börjar alltså ALL träning kl. 18.00.

Tiderna kan komma att justeras beroende på bl.a. storlek på grupperna och hur vi
bäst kan utnyttja den nya lokalen mm. Återkom därför till denna sida för senaste nytt angående träningstider.

Karatesäsongerna följer skolterminerna.

Träningsavgiften för HT 2007 är inte fastställd ännu.
Avgiften inkluderar medlemskap i JKA Sweden, Svenska Budo och Kampsportförbundet samt

Avgift för Shinsa, graderingstest, tillkommer.



Kontakta Oss


Haninge Budoklubb
c/o Björn Grünstein
Tjädervägen 37
141 61 Huddinge

Tel:    08-88 72 69
Mobil: 0708-79 01 99

Måsöskolan i Vega


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